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Transcreation – creative translation

Marketing content requires something more than a literal translation. Transcreation consists in transforming the text in such a manner, to make it sound natural in the target language, catch the attention of a potential customer and encourage interaction. The result of transcreation is a text that creates a positive image of the company and evokes emotions necessary for new customers to decide to make a purchase. We execute multilingual campaigns ensuring cultural adaptation of mottos, advertising slogans, website content and other sales content. Our translators have experience and skills in the areas of marketing, copywriting, advertisement and public relations.

Translations of medical marketing materials

Translation of medical marketing content requires both knowledge of specialist vocabulary and a creative approach to the translated texts. It is important that the text is both factual and immersed in the cultural background of the consumer; in other words – simple and easy to understand. Our translators use their knowledge and creativity to prepare content that catches the attention of customers. We execute translation projects for the needs of printed and digital advertisement for clients in the medical industry.

Website localization

Localization involves a much broader range of actions than translating content into the target language. In the context of website translation, it is necessary to take cultural aspects into consideration when adjusting the content to the customers in another country, in order to make the translation properly reflect the content and appeal present in the original text. It is also necessary to take the appearance of the localised website into account, so we also offer the service of translating the content of graphic elements, infographics, photographs, movies and animations in the industry. Our DTP department will execute almost any project, including the non-editable elements. Localization ensures increased availability of content for a larger number of customers, convenient and quick ordering as well as increased sales of the products and services offered. This involves adapting the content and graphic elements to the language, cultural and legal requirements of the target country, thus increasing the reliability and trust to the brand and facilitating business relations on many markets. We provide efficient and cost-effective solutions in translation services for building a consistent company image on the Internet.

Comprehensive actions with marketing materials

In the case of materials intended for printing, we provide the service of adjusting the files to the technical requirements of the selected printing company. We also offer printout of the materials through a partner company we cooperate with.
Apart from translations, we also provide voice-over recordings for audiovisual materials such as advertising spots, promotional and training videos for sales representatives, as well as greetings at telephone exchanges and GDPR information.

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