Transcreation is a form that combines traditional translation and copywriting. This way of translating is the most effective for creating a translation that evokes the same emotions and needs in new readers as the source text. 


Localisation services enable the adaptation of content to the specificity and linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of the target market. We offer localisation of websites, software and marketing materials.


Audiovisual materials are a powerful marketing tool. Industrial films attract and educate viewers. We provide translations of multimedia content so that it can reach a larger audience.


Copywriting is the best way to stand out from other companies operating in the same industry. We create unique descriptions and content, and our copywriters have extensive technical and medical knowledge.

The importance of transcreation in medical marketing materials

The essence of transcreation is not to accurately reflect the content and form of the message, but its idea, i.e. the proper meaning of the text. A transcreator’s work ensures that the text will sound familiar to the local recipients. Transcreation works especially well with affective texts, as the author of the text aims to evoke in the recipients the same feelings and emotions as the source text. Of course, it is about arousing positive feelings and associations with the help of adapted content that will have the effect of better reception of the product, service or even the entire brand in a new market or in a new cultural environment.

Benefits from website localisation

A properly located website has content that inspires the trust of local recipients, which translates into more time spent on the website and increased interest in what is offered. Most often we localise websites, software, marketing and multimedia materials. We also provide website localisation services using the WPML plugin. It is one of the most popular multilingual WordPress plugins that facilitates building websites and business cards and medical stores in additional language versions.

Solutions for the translation of audiovisual materials

Omero offers a number of solutions that meet the needs in the field of translation of audiovisual materials. For our clients from the medical industry, we usually translate subtitles for industrial films and animations as well as training presentations. Our translators carefully adjust the translated materials in terms of content, culture and technology, e.g. by adjusting the length of the translated fragment to a specific character limit. If necessary, we also provide a transcription service, i.e. writing audio content taking the time frames into account. Apart from translations, we also provide voice-over recordings for audiovisual materials such as advertising spots, promotional and training videos for sales representatives, as well as greetings at IVR telephone exchanges and GDPR information.

Adapting the content to the recipient and communication channel

We laise with copywriters who produce creative content for medical marketing. Regardless of whether it is about sales or informational texts, it is not enough just to convey knowledge. The aim of the copywriter's work is to effectively reach the widest possible audience with the specific message. The content and messages must be valuable for the recipient and adapted to the given communication channel. The content for social media, which is used to build relationships with the community, looks different than blog content or content for expert articles containing a product recommendation. At Omero, we provide preparation, proofreading and editing of marketing content tailored to a specific target group and communication channel.