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Translations in the biotechnology field require not only knowledge of biological processes, but also of terminology of the industry and therapeutic area in which the studies are conducted. The experienced and qualified translators enable us to offer support to pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies in preparing translations when placing new products on the international market. We make translations for the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the healthcare, environmental protection, agriculture, veterinary and horticulture sectors.

Many years of experience in the translation industry

Thanks to comprehensive linguistic solutions and a proven system of project management we ensure that the translations are provided as soon as possible. Omero fulfils the highest translation standards, which is confirmed by the international certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO/IEC 27001. This means that all the processes and technologies applied in the completion of orders are conducted in accordance with European translation standards. Omero cooperates with translators specialising in the medical industry translations, who have a profound technical and practical knowledge confirmed by the professional experience in the industry, university degrees in the field and specialist courses.

Specialist services for the biotechnological industry

We perform translations, certified translations and interpretation at industry conferences. We also offer certifications of patent translations. Our DTP department also adjusts the graphical elements of patent documentation in order to ensure that all the necessary content was translated. We select the set of services in such a way, to guarantee the efficient execution of each translation project.

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