Our specialists deal with all the necessary work related to the process of translation preparation, graphic design, typesetting and professional preparation of materials for printing.


We provide translations and voice-over recordings for advertising spots, training videos, multimedia presentations, radio programs, podcasts, industrial films and animations.


We provide access to the eTMF system, which allows the storage and management of all clinical study documentation, version control and audit trails as well as ensuring compliance throughout the study.


We offer a digital archiving service that provides long-term data access and protection after study completion. We use solutions based on the best practices in the area of cybersecurity.

Digital publishing and printing, professional graphic programs and popular office suites

For customers who need a translation for internal use (not to be distributed in a paper or digital version), as part of the order, we provide text arrangement and typesetting that are as close to the original as possible. DTP services include all the document processing using professional graphics software from the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and popular office suites. A wide range of software allows us to save files in any format according to the customer's wishes. At Omero, we provide complete technical support for the preparation of translated documents for digital publication and printing. The service also includes the creation of a completely new graphic layout. We offer design and printing of materials in accordance with the customer's parameters. Thanks to our cooperation with some of the best printing houses, we provide the highest quality printouts of medical marketing materials and a comprehensive order management, including logistics.

A rich bank of voice-over providers and recordings in every language

We cooperate with a company which has an extensive base of both Polish and international voice over providers. The voice-over bank includes approximately 150 providers who produce recordings in their own studios. Thanks to this, we make recordings in a very short time, both in the most popular languages, English, German, French and Spanish, and in less popular ones such as Chinese, Estonian or Finnish.

Automated information exchange and real-time data access

We are able to provide access to a digital platform that automates the exchange of information, thanks to which our customers can reduce the administrative costs associated with conducting clinical trials. The service includes scanning and electronic processing of documents, document indexing, storage and archiving.

Long-term data storage and security

Our customers are sponsors of clinical trials, whom we offer access to a system that allows retention of the audit trail and to reconstruct the course of changes in the data entry process. The system ensures data access and modification in such a way that the original information is not deleted. We guarantee data security and access only by authorized persons throughout the entire storage period. Thanks to the automatic updating of the system and file formats, our customers can be sure that the data may always be accessed and stored in accordance with the applicable regulations.